Description: Get ready to carry your essentials in style with our range of American leather messenger bags. Made with the highest quality, genuine leather materials, these bags are both durable and fashionable. Keywords: American leather, full-grain lether, messenger bags, durability, style, essentials, high-quality materials About Us – Gentry Leather Co.

About Us

Gentry Leather is a quality movement and an ideology of pride in workmanship and the community as a whole. We can benefit one another, locally and globally.

We also want to produce really kick ass pieces that will not only help you in your daily life but become part of your story. Our Messenger bags are meant to be used in every facet of your life and then passed on for generations with all the stories you created. 

Creating Gentry Leather

Finding locally sourced and high quality goods can be difficult. I wanted to produce something on which I was comfortable putting my name and also using everywhere my life takes me. 

Using local artisans allows me the confidence that each and every product is quality, durable and stylish. We all would rather know who made the things we wear. This is the change I want to see in the World.

How It All Began

My name is Alexander Jacoby. I live in the Sandhills of North Carolina and am now proud to be an American citizen.  Originally from Germany I moved here when I met my wife and have embraced the American Dream ever since.

Launching a product has been a life long dream of mine and I am excited to share with you my first project; the messenger bags crafted from full-grain (the highest quality) leather. It is then vegetable tanned and cut to what you see here, available in two color options currently, with our red stitching accents. Each bag is made once you order so no product is wasted.